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What was the error?

Message Number: 106

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS0106E

Message Text:

Unlink failed for file >filename< errno=<ErrorNumber> Srvr->ServerName<-

What were you doing?

Probably loading data, or performing an unload of report data that may or may not have completed successfully.

What happened?

When CMOD tried to delete a file, the operating system returned an error. Either the user who ran the command didn't have permission, or the file was missing. If the file was missing, this is more of a warning, and less of an error requiring corrective action.


There are four scenarios when this error can occur:

  • While running arsadmin unload - IBM CMOD was unable to delete a file during the unload.
  • While running arsload - during a failed load, IBM CMOD was unable to delete the objects it inserted into the cache.
  • While running arsmaint - during regular expiration processing, IBM CMOD couldn't delete an object eligible for expiration.
  • While running arsload - the file already exists in the cache, and IBM CMOD couldn't delete it before overwriting it.

The first three errors can likely be resolved by working with your System Administrator to resolve permissions-related issues on files or directories inside your IBM CMOD Cache Filesystems.

The last error is a critical error, and may indicate that your cache filesystem is corrupted. This may also occur after the OnDemand database was restored to a point in time *prior* to when the cache filesystem was backed up.