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What was the error?

Message Number: 1315

Message Severity: Warning (A warning was returned, your request has likely failed. You may need to try your request again.)

Message Name: ARS1315W

Message Text: Warning: The date string "20190125" with date format "%Y%m%d" does not match a specific date. The minimum date is "2019-01-25 00:00:00" and maximum date is "2019-01-25 23:59:59", the minimum date will be used.

Related Errors

ARS1129E Row X: The string "20190125" could not be converted to a date from the format of %Y-%m-%d

What were you doing?

You were loading data with the [arsload] utility, and a warning was issued about a date.

What happened?

The index file or data contained a date, but the field the metadata was being inserted into was a timestamp field, which needs to contain a date and time information. In the absence is any time information, CMOD sets the time to midnight - 12:00am / 00h00.


If your data should contain time information, ask the source of the files to include in. If the data doesn't have time information, you may need to build a new Application Group with the correct field definitions, and migrate the data between the old and new Application Group.

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