Userid or password is invalid

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What was the error?

Message Number: N/A

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Text: Userid or password is invalid

Related Errors

arsload: Unable to log load information

What were you doing?

Attempting to load data into Content Manager OnDemand with arsload.

What happened?

The load fails. If you receive a LoadId, then consider running the arsadmin unload command to remove it immediately. If the message was unable to be logged in the System Log, the LoadID may not be stored elsewhere.


arsload: Processing file >testfile<
Userid or password is invalid

arsload: Processing failed for file >testfile<
Userid or password is invalid

arsload: Unable to log load information
arsload: Processing has stopped.  The remaining files will NOT be processed.


Check your password

  • Double check your password by using it to log in with the CMOD Thick Client.
  • If you've recently reset the password on the account, log in with the Thick Client to choose a new password.
  • Check arsload.cfg or your stash file to verify the password is correct.
  • Did you change the case-sensitivity of UserID or passwords in the client?

Case sensitive passwords

By default, OnDemand uses case-insensitive passwords. Because of the way secure password storage is implemented in CMOD, when passwords are case-insensitive, all passwords are converted to uppercase. Enabling 'case sensitive passwords' after users have already entered their password (possibly with lowercase letters) means that they won't be able to log in unless they enter their password in all uppercase letters. This applies to the contents of the arsload.cfg file as well.

Verify your ars.ini configuration file

Ensure that the HOST parameter in the ars.ini configuration file is a fully-qualified domain name like rather than just cmod. Using a short name or alias can manifest itself in strange errors like this.