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What was the error?

Message Number: 14

Message Severity: Informational (no action required)

Message Name: ARS0014I

Message Text:

DB Info: <text>

What were you doing?

Probably nothing unsual.

What happened?

The database generated an error or informational message in response to a request. This is simply a way of letting you know that CMOD's database may need some attention.


This is a generic database informational message -- OnDemand is alerting you to a message the database thought you should see.

To find more information on what's causing the message, refer to the message references for your database engine, or examine any diagnostic log files you may have access to.

In DB2, the database server diagnostic logs can be found in the sqllib/db2dump directory, primarily in the db2diag.log file.

Refer to your local Database Administrator for assistance in resolving issues with your preferred database engine.

See the IBM CMOD Troubleshooting page for assistance with diagnosing database related errors.

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