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What was the error?

Message Number: 111

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS0111E

Message Text: OnDemand is unable to determine the link for the file >/arscache/cache2/12345/ABC/DOC/123FAAA<. The error number is X Srvr->ondemand non-SSL<-


OnDemand is unable to determine the link for the file >/arscache/cache2/12345/ABC/DOC/123FAAA<. The error number is 2 Srvr->ondemand non-SSL<-

Related Errors

Windows Client Message: The server failed while retrieving a document.

What were you doing?

Likely running IBM CMOD's arsmaint command with the "-v" option to validate the cache filesystems.

What happened?

IBM Content Manager OnDemand encountered a file for which there is no link. Without a link inside the cache filesystem, the item cannot be retrieved in the cache. In fact, IBM CM OnDemand will try to retrieve the file from secondary storage (CMOD Storage Set or Storage Node) if one exists, as without a valid link, IBM Content Manager OnDemand will not know where the file exists in the cache filesystem(s).


The troubleshooting is already done. The link needs to be created. You can create a new link using information from the error message, which should allow the file to be retrieved.

In the example above, the link could be re-created with the following command:

 ln -s /arscache/cache1/retr/ABC/DOC/123FAAA /arscache/cache2/12345/ABC/DOC/123FAAA

If the creation of the link is successful, IBM Content Manager OnDemand should be able to retrieve the documents from the CMOD cache.

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