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What was the error?

Message Number: 160

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS0160E

Message Text: Unable to load module >/opt/IBM/ondemand/V9.5/bin/exits/arssmtsm<. The return code is 2 Srvr->eatodm02a<-


 ARS0160E Unable to load module >/opt/IBM/ondemand/V9.5/bin/exits/arssmtsm<. The return code is 2  Srvr-><-

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What were you doing?

Likely trying to start IBM CMOD arssockd daemon after a major upgrade.

What happened?

It's possible your server was previously misconfigured, or your configuration files were overwritten with new ones, causing the CM OnDemand server to default to a TSM configuration.


Check your ars.cfg file, and if your server is NOT using secondary storage, change the ARS_STORAGE_MANAGER parameter:


Then try to restart CMOD with the arssockd command:

 # Start IBM CMOD daemon with arssockd using the -S ("Start") option.
 $ arssockd -I archive -S

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