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What was the error?

Message Number: 185

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS0185E

Message Text: OnDemand license limit has been exceeded, currently 52 running only 50 are entitled. Please contact an IBM Service Representative.


 2018-07-01 11:35:47 OnDemand license limit has been exceeded, currently 1105 running only 1100 are entitled. Please contact an IBM Service Representative.

Related Messages

ARS0186I - OnDemand started with a license limit of X users

What were you doing?

More users that you were licensed to serve were accessing the IBM CMOD server at the same time.

What happened?

The OnDemand server placed this message into the System Log to alert you to the fact that you were violating your licensed usage limits. While this is technically not an error that will cause any function of Content Manager OnDemand to fail, you may fail an audit by your compliance team or IBM itself.


You have two options - purchase additional licenses, or reduce your license usage. You can purchase additional licenses by contacting your IBM Representative. A slightly less expensive option is to reduce your license usage by lowering the default user timeout, or improving the Applications that connect to Content Manager OnDemand through the IBM CMOD OnDemand Web Enablement Kit ("ODWEK") to use connection pooling, or to perform explicit logouts.

ARS0185E - Enabling Inactivity Timeout


Increasing your license limits

Attention.png Configuring your IBM Content Manager OnDemand server to allow more users than you are licensed for is a violation of your license agreements with IBM, and may leave your organization liable for fines, fees, or other harm.

You can update your ars.cfg configuration file to the new number of licenses by updating the ARS_NUM_LICENSE parameter.

If your old license limit is 10:


You can use a text editor to increase the number to your new license limit:


And then restart the arssockd daemon.

Improving custom applications

If your organization accesses CMOD with the ODWEK Java APIs, you can improve your license usage by enabling connection pooling, or ensuring that the logoff() function is called before exiting your program.