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What was the error?

Message Number: ARS0199E

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: Unexpected empty directory in cache >directory<

Message Text:

Unexpected empty directory in cache >/arscache/cache1/12345/ABC/<

Related Errors

ARS0198E - Invalid Ownership and/or permissions on cache file/directory

What were you doing?

Running arsmaint -v to validate the contents of the cache filesystems.

What happened?

arsmaint found an empty directory while it was validating the Content Manager OnDemand cache filesystems.


 Unexpected empty directory in cache >/arscache/cache1/retr/ABC/DOC<


This error is very simple to correct. Simply delete the empty directory.

 rmdir /arscache/cache1/retr/ABC/DOC

It may be necessary to delete the parent directory as well, if it is also empty.

 rmdir /arscache/cache1/retr/ABC

APARs Related to this message

ARSMAINT can leave behind empty directories