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What was the error?

Message Number: 1607

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS1607E

Message Text: ARS1607E The OnDemand stash file >ars.stash< either does not exist or is not valid. Return Code=X.


ARS1607E The OnDemand stash file >/usr/lpp/ars/config/ars.stash< either does not exist or is not valid. Return Code=5.

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What were you doing?

You were executing a command like arsdoc or arsload and you did not specify the IBM CMOD stash file with the -p parameter.

What happened?

The process failed, because you couldn't properly authenticate to the IBM Content Manager OnDemand server.


There can be a number of reasons why you can't access the stash file.

Try specifying the full path to the stash file with the -p parameter:

 arsdoc query -h OD_SERVER -u CMOD_ADMIN -p /opt/ibm/ondemand/V10.1/config/ars.stash ...

If you don't normally specify the -p parameter on the command line, you might be using the SRVR_OD_STASH environment variable. Check the contents of this variable, and make sure it contains the correct path to the stash file.

 $ echo $SRVR_OD_STASH

If it returns nothing (as in the example above), the environment variable hasn't been defined, so CMOD can't figure out which stash file to use, and you will either have to define the variable in your login shell, or specify it on the command line.

If the echo command returns a file output, try to determine if the file exists, and if you have permissions to read it:

 $ echo $SRVR_OD_STASH
 $ ls -l $SRVR_OD_STASH
 -r--------.  3 archive db2adm1     4096 May 20  2018 /home/archive/cmod/ars.stash
 $ cat $SRVR_OD_STASH >/dev/null

If you receive a 'file not found' or 'permission denied' error from the ls or cat commands, then the file does not exist, or you do not have permission to read it. Resolve these issues (with the assistance of your system administrator if necessary) and try again.

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