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What was the error?

Message Number: 4305

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS4305E

Message Text: Generic Indexer requires the data to have already been indexed. Index the data or verify your input file and resubmit the job.


 $ arsload -h ondemand -vfn -g Customer_Statements -a AFP_Statements STM002.0.STMT.STMT.ind
 ARS4305E Generic Indexer requires the data to have already been indexed. Index the data or verify your input file and resubmit the job.

Related Errors

There may be other warnings or informational messages about the failed load. Be sure to read them and use the information they provide to help determine the cause of the failure, and how to resolve it.

What were you doing?

You were trying to load documents into Content Manager OnDemand, but the load failed. There could be many reasons.

You may have been trying to load a file that was created on a different server, filesystem, or subdirectory from the one you're loading in. The Generic Index file may have been produced on an upstream system, or by the arsdoc get command on an IBM CMOD Server.

What happened?

You may have specified a bad file name or a type of file that doesn't match the type of file in the CMOD Application configuration.

Second, during the production of the file, a partial or complete path to the file name was included in the file. The generic index file might include a path to the file like this one:


You may have specified a file name to load incorrectly on the arsload command line.


First, there is an error in the example provided above. Specifying the ".ind" in the file name is incorrect -- specify the 'base name' of the file (i.e. without the extension), and try to run arsload again. If the generic index file you want to load is AFP_Statements STM002.0.STMT.STMT.ind, specify AFP_Statements STM002.0.STMT.STMT (again, without the .ind filename extension) on the command line.

Otherwise, verify the contents of the Generic Index file (.ind) to ensure that it doesn't have a prefixed path or subdirectory, as described above. IBM CMOD's arsload utility will look for the files in the directory specified in the Generic Index file, NOT the local directory. To resolve the issue, either update the path to the file to be loaded, or remove it so that the OnDemand arsload utility will check the directory from which the command is started.

Finally, ensure that the type of document you're trying to load matches the configuration inside the Content Manager OnDemand Application configuration. If the Application is configured to use ACIF as an indexer, you must add the -X G parameters to the arsload command line, so that CMOD will read the Generic Index file.

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