CMOD server failed while retrieving a resource group

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What was the error?

Message Text: The server failed while retrieving a resource group

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)


What were you doing?

Attempting to retrieve a document from Content Manager OnDemand after performing a query.

What happened?

There was a problem on the server which prevented it from returning the resource group.


Check the server for error messages related to storage - cache filesystem or secondary storage like TSM or Cloud. If there are filesystem-related or secondart storage-related failures, correct them. If the resource file is missing, attempt to recover them from secondary storage using the arsadmin retrieve command, or from your enterprise backup system.

CMOD v10 Error

There was an error in CMOD v10.1 and CMOD v10.5 relating to loading fully composed AFP data using the OnDemand OS/390 indexer. If you are experiencing the error above, and you don't see any storage-related errors in the CMOD System Log, then open a ticket with IBM Support, and request the HotFix for OnDemand v10.1.0.7 and OnDemand v10.5.0.1.

Once the HotFix is installed, you should be able to retrieve resources properly for all data that was previously loaded.

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