IBM CMOD System Log

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The Content Manager OnDemand System Log is where all server activity is recorded. While the messages that appear in the log are configurable, it's considered a 'Best Practise' to log as much data as possible, to make troubleshooting and auditing as straightforward as possible. In general, logs contain Logins, Logoffs, Queries, Retrievals, Loads and Unloads, but there are many other informational messages that appear in the logs.

Enabling Maximum Logging

There are a few really good reasons to enable maximum logging. Primarily it comes down to troubleshooting and auditing - the ability to see end user activity to determine the source of a problem, or to determine who performed what actions in case an investigation is required.

Using the System Log

These are the fields available in the System Log, and some insight into what the fields mean.

System Log Query Tips & Tricks

Here are some clever queries you can perform to help you find what you're looking for in the System Log.