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Originally designed as a Computer Output to Laser Disc ("COLD") product to store virtually endless amounts of mainframe report output, OnDemand has expanded in flexibility and functionality to include Advanced Function Presentation ("AFP"), Portable Document Format ("PDF"), eXtensible Markup Language ("XML"), and a variety of image formats (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc.).

CMOD's strengths are:

  • Extremely high-performance loads, queries, and retrievals
  • Native support for a variety of print (Line Data, AFP, PDF), graphic (GIF, JPEG, TIFF), and data (XML, binary) types
  • Flexibility to store documents on almost any storage media with Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Access via custom Windows-based "Thick Client", Websites through IBM Content Navigator, or custom web applications
  • Solid reliability and lights-out operation for most installations
  • Java API for building custom solutions and integrations with other front ends or business systems.

IBM CMOD Premium Feature Pack

There are a few 'bolt on' products for Content Manager OnDemand sold as the "IBM CMOD Premium Feature Pack":

  • IBM CMOD Enhanced Retention Management - allows you to place documents on 'hold', suspending expiration until the hold is released.
  • IBM CMOD Report Distribution - enables the distribution of reports or bundles of reports to users via eMail
  • IBM CMOD PDF Indexer - uses the same de-duplication and compression methods that made OnDemand the best AFP storage solution in the world.
  • IBM CMOD Full Text Search - integrates a full text search engine to permit queries on the text inside documents in the OnDemand Archive.

IBM Content Navigator

IBM Content Navigator ("ICN") is the third major release of a web-based client for CMOD. Using the latest and greatest web technology, ICN provides a full, robust, customizable client for end users without having to install special client software on the user's PC. Everything that is available in IBM OnDemand can be accessed by any authorized user through a web browser.


Content Manager OnDemand licensing comes in a few different 'flavours'. In the most simple license, a IBM CMOD Authorized User license allows you to specify a number of authorized users who will access OnDemand through any method. IBM also offers 'population based pricing' for situations where an organization wants to make the data stored in CMOD available to its customers.