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arsdoc is IBM Content Manager OnDemand's command line tool for working with documents inside OnDemand. It has a number of features, and its usage can be very complex, but it can also be very powerful by including it in scripts. Rather than alphabetically, this page lists the features in order of their usefulness / popularity. The definitions below contain clickable links to more information on arsdoc.

 $ arsdoc
 ARS4601I Usage: arsdoc [get | query | add | update | delete | print | hold_add | hold_release | cfsod_fed | fti_add | fti_release | bulk_update | bulk_delete ]
arsdoc query performs a specified search on a CMOD Folder or Application Group, and returns results in a text file. This includes using arsdoc to query the CMOD System Log.
arsdoc get retrieves document data (and optionally index data) using previously-defined named queries, by providing metadata, or SQL queries.
arsdoc update permits you to change document metadata for specific Application Group fields.
arsdoc add allows you to insert documents into Application Groups by providing the document metadata and specifying a file.