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What was the error?

Message Number: 1822

Message Severity: Warning (An error was returned, but no corrective action is required to proceed.)

Message Name: ADM1822W

Message Text: The active transaction log is being held by dirty pages. Database performance may be impacted.


2017-02-11- E5407246A578         LEVEL: Warning
PID     : 13369466             TID : 2995           PROC : db2sysc 0
INSTANCE: archive              NODE : 000           DB   : ARCHIVE
APPHDL  : 0-322                APPID: *LOCAL.archive.170211074159
AUTHID  : ARCHIVE              HOSTNAME: ibmcmod
EDUID   : 2995                 EDUNAME: db2agent (ARCHIVE) 0
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data protection services, sqlpWriteToLog, probe:1660
MESSAGE : ADM1822W  The active transaction log is being held by dirty pages. 
         Database performance may be impacted.

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What were you doing?

Probably loading data with the IBM CMOD arsload command, or expiring documents with the IBM CMOD arsmaint utility.

What happened?

The action you were trying to do failed, because there wasn't enough room in the database transaction logs to record the transaction. If you were loading data into IBM Content Manager OnDemand using arsload, the file may contain more documents than the transaction logs have room for.

This error is common if you encountered errors configuring the Content Manager OnDemand database with the IBM CMOD arsdb command in OnDemand V8.5.


This is a DB2 error message, so you should find the db2diag.log (located in ~/sqllib/db2dump) and look for error messages around the same time.

This message indicates that you don't have enough transaction log space. You can increase either the number of transaction log files by increasing the LOGPRIMARY DB2 database configuration parameter, or the size of each individual transaction log by increasing the LOGFILSIZ parameter.

If the limitation is the filesystem where your transaction logs are stored (/arsdb/arsdb_primarylog) then you may either increase the size of that filesystem, or move the logs to another location using the NEWLOGPATH configuration parameter.

If you feel that you have enough transaction logs defined, you may want to adjust the NUM_IOCLEANERS parameter upwards to increase the number of processes that clean the 'dirty' transaction log files.

Finally, you may want to add archive logging by configuring the LOGARCHMETH1 parameter, and enabling transaction log compression with LOGARCHCOMPR1.

The links below give more information on how to change these configuration parameters. If you are unfamiliar with tuning DB2, contact your local Database Administrator for assistance.

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