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What was the error?

Message Number: 1107

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS1107E

Message Text: An error occurred. Contact your system administrator and/or consult the System Log. File=arsload.c, Line=6144


 ARS1107E An error occurred.  Contact your system administrator and/or consult the System Log.  File=arsload.c, Line=6144

Related Errors

ARS0013E ADM1822W

What were you doing?

Probably loading data into IBM CMOD using the arsload command, or inserting a document with the arsdoc add command. Although these are common causes, this error can be caused by anything that inserts rows into the database, including any activity that is logged into the System Log.

What happened?

There was an error reported by one of the components of CMOD, which stopped IBM CMOD from performing a task.


Check the System Log for error messages that were logged within a minute or so of this error message. It should provide more information about the cause of the error.

For example, this error message was logged 5 seconds before the ARS1107E message in the System Log, and indicates that the DB2 transaction logs have run out of space for new transactions:

 ARS0013E DB Error: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQL0964C  The transaction log for the database is full.  SQLSTATE=57011

Some recommended fixes for this issue are:

  • Update the LOGPRIMARY parameter in the DB2 configuration to increase the number of transaction logs that DB2 creates at start-up.
  • Increase the size of each individual transaction log - larger, busier systems will benefit from larger transaction logs.
  • Increase the size of the filesystem containing the transaction logs (arsdb_primarylog) appropriately.
  • Turn on transaction log compression with the LOGARCHCOMPR1 parameter in DB2.
  • Increase the number or archive logs with the LOGSECOND parameter in DB2.
  • Increase the size of the archive log filesystem to store more of the transaction logs that 'overflow' into it.
  • Implement transaction log archiving with Tivoli Storage Manager to help reduce the headaches caused by managing database transaction logs.

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