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What was the error?

Message Number: 1196

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS1196E

Message Text: Invalid generic index file format: >GROUP_FIELD_VALUE;987654321<


 ARS1196E Invalid generic index file format: >GROUP_FIELD_VALUE;987654321<

Related Errors

ARS1133I The last row successfully loaded was X

What were you doing?

You were loading documents into Content Manager OnDemand with a CMOD Generic Index File.

What happened?

There was an error in the file that caused the load to fail.


Check the arsload log for the informational message ARS1133I, which shows the last record that was successfully processed. The error should appear in the next record inside the Content Manager OnDemand Generic Index file.

It's likely that the system that generated the Generic Index file didn't produce the file properly, and errors in data or formatting stopped the load.

Specifically, check for blank rows, repeated rows, out-of-sequence lines, or extra spaces or tab characters at the end of a row. Each record should have GROUP_FIELD_NAME records (with the name of an Application Group field), followed on the next line by a GROUP_FIELD_VALUE record with valid data for that field. At the start of a Generic Index File, before any other parameters, the CODEPAGE parameter must be specified so that CMOD knows what type of data it will find in the Generic Index file. Then, the GROUP_FIELD_NAME and GROUP_FIELD_VALUE parameters are repeated for each piece of document, followed by three parameters, in this order: GROUP_OFFSET, GROUP_LENGTH, and GROUP_FILENAME.

It's probably most convenient to open the Generic Index file in your favourite text editor, and use the 'Search' or 'Find' function to find the string from the error message. Remember that the string reported by the ARS1196E error may appear multiple times in the Generic Index file. If the string provided by the CMOD error message is too vague, look for the ARS1133I message to get an indication of where the error occurs inside the file, and the error may appear in the rows above or below the data you're searching for. Using your text editor's 'Next' button in the 'Search' or 'Find' function may allow you to skip to the correct record number.


There are three errors in this sample generic index file. See if you can find them.


On line 2, the character separating GROUP_FIELD_VALUE and the customer number is a semicolon (;) instead of a regular colon character (:). On line 5, the record should read 'GROUP_FIELD_NAME', not 'GROUP_FIELD_VALUE'. On line 7, the GROUP_OFFSET parameter is misspelled.

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