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What was the error?

Message Number: 1133

Message Severity: Informational (For logging and/or notification, or may add additional diagnostic data to a previously encountered error.)

Message Name: ARS1133I

Message Text: The last row successfully loaded was X.


 ARS1133I The last row successfully loaded was 2.

Related Errors

ARS1196E Invalid generic index file format: >GROUP_FIELD_VALUE:1234567890<

ARS0141E Ran out of load-id naming conventions. Increase the size of the Application Group Object Size.

What were you doing?

You were loading data into Content Manager OnDemand with the arsload utility, and likely encountered an ARS1196E loading a CMOD Generic Index File, or ARS0141E error while trying to load a large batch of documents into OnDemand.

What happened?

There was a problem with the Generic Index File, or the file you were trying to load was too large. This message is trying to provide useful information about where to find the problem inside the index file, or how many documents were able to be loaded before CMOD ran out of space.


Use the information in this message to help locate and identify the issue with the Generic Index File by examining the record immediately following the last row that was successfully loaded.

If you open the Generic Index File in your favourite text editor, and use it's 'Search' function to find "GROUP_FILENAME" and click the 'Next' button the number of times described in the error message, the issue should be in the next record.

If the error was related to the ARS0141E error message, reduce the number of documents per load to be substantially less than the number of rows reported by the message.