Default Values and the Generic Indexer

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There are times when you want to load data into IBM Content Manager OnDemand, but you don't have all of the data you need at the time the load is run, or the values you want to use can't be located in the document itself.

In these cases, you can set a 'Default Value' in the IBM CMOD Admin Client Application window, under the Load Information tab.

The Rules for Default Values in IBM Content Manager OnDemand

Here are the rules for when Default Values are used when loading data into using an IBM CMOD Generic Index file:

  • When the field name appears in the Generic Index file, with a corresponding value, that value is used.
    • If the value is blank, the blank is loaded into the database, and the default value is NOT used.
    • Even if after character removal, the result in no value (for example, a string with 0 length ), the default value is NOT used.
  • If the field DOES NOT appear in the IBM CMOD Generic Index file, THEN the default value is used.