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What was the error?

Message Number: 141

Message Severity: Error (Corrective action is required to continue)

Message Name: ARS0141E

Message Text:

   Ran out of load-id naming conventions.  Increase the size of the Application Group Object Size.

What were you doing?

Probably loading a VERY large file into IBM CMOD.

What happened?

While the load was running, OnDemand ran out of letters in the naming convention for it's internal DOC_NAMEs. A load can only be split into 676 10MB individudal objects for CMOD to manage. You need to increase the Object Size that Content Manager OnDemand creates, so that fewer individual objects are used, in order to be able to successfully load the file.


 ARS4315I Processing file >Statements<
 ARS4312I 02/02/16 12:51:19 -- Loading started, --UNKNOWN-- bytes to process
 ARS1144I OnDemand Load Id = >5764-1-0-5742FAA-20150930000000-20150931000000-5864<
 ARS0141E Ran out of load-id naming conventions.  Increase the size of the Application Group Object Size.
 ARS1133I The last row successfully loaded was 37486
 ARS1146I Loaded 37486 rows into the database
 ARS4311E 02/02/16 12:55:08 Loading failed
 ARS4318E Processing failed for file >Statements<
 ARS4320I 02/02/16 12:55:08 -- Unloading started
 ARS1184I OnDemand UnLoad Successful - LoadId(5764-1-0-5742FAA-20150930000000-20150931000000-5864) Rows Deleted(37486)
 Processing has stopped.  The remaining files will NOT be processed.


Increase the Application Group Object Size parameter, located in the Application Group configuration, in the Storage Management tab, under the 'Advanced...' button.


Where to find the Application Group Object Size Parameter in IBM Content Manager OnDemand

How to estimate the new object size

Use this simple formula to help you choose a new object size:

 ( Maximum Total Load File Size in Kilobytes ) X ( Compression Ratio as a fraction of 1 ) ÷ 676 * ( 10% overhead )

So given the following info:

  • 37 GB file for loading
  • Estimated 76% compression (to 24% of the original size)
 37000000 * 0.24 ÷ 676 * 1.10 = 14449.704

The new Application Group Object Size can be set to 14500 Kilobytes.